Welcome all my viewers on my blog It's me, 
My name is Bharti Soni. I have started writing blog from the last month only. Professionally how to write I don't know but yes one thing I know is to write something which people can understand easily. If I write lot of good things but no one can understand them, then it is useless to write. The title of this blog is It's me, this means that it is not just about me, it is about every person who feels the things written in it.
This blog basically inform you about the genuine way to make money and aware you about the fake peoples. We all know that as we read in newspapers or social sites that percentage of unemployment is decreasing, but still if we look around us people are still worried. Every day we use to see thousands of vacancy in upcoming month, thousands of people will get job, but practically if we see that there are lakhs of people those who are unemployed. This blog is for those who want to do something in their life,also for themselves and for others. First of all I want to ask some Question to my readers...
Are you ready......!!!!!
My FIRST Question is.....
Is there anyone who doesn't want to make money..??....:)
Or who has no interest in making money..??
My perception is big NO, because every one living in this society wants to earn money. And all are trying in their own way, some get success very easily and some suffers lot. 
Are you also one of them who got cheated in the pursuit of making money..??
If YES, then this blog is for YOU.....
This article describes the problem that every person have felt at some time, and if it is not then you are lucky.
It is very easy to tell how to earn, but only few experts are able to solve the difficulties in them.. And not every person reach to the expert then gets caught into the complications. I am not saying I am an expert or I will tell you how to earn thousands of money in a day. But its my promise to you that if you will go through each and every post you will definitely you will be forced to think. 
There are some situation mentioned in every article so that we can consider to help ourselves and those who are around us. I would be very happy if you read and try to make it reach to as many people as possible so maybe we all can reduce our problems somewhere.  


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