MSME Schemes part 2

As in previous post we have  about, What is MSME..?? and the schemes which comes under Prime Minister Enployment Generation Programme and Other Credit Support Schemes, and in detail we have analysed PMEGP, CGTMSE and ISEC.  What are these schemes, who can apply for these schemes and how can you apply for this, we have already discussed. So today in this new post we will continue the detailed study of other schemes which comes under                                    2. Development of Khadi, Village and Coir Industries 2.1 Market Promotion & Development Scheme (MPDA) The Market Promotion and Development Assistance Scheme was introduced as a single scheme by combining numerous schemes implemented by the Khadi sector including advertisement, marketing, market promotion, and development aid for marketing. In addition, grant / subsidy for the construction of Khadi plazas will also be eligible. The ultimate purpose of the scheme is to ensure improved earnings for artisans. Modified Marke

Schemes of Government for MSME Sectors part 1

Every person wants to start their own business but due to not having enough money, they are unable to make a decision. In the previous articles, we learned what are the ways of earning money, how can we make the hidden talent inside us as our profession. Today, in this article, we will discuss the subject of how we can start our business with the help of the government. Yes, I am saying with the help of Government, so MSME  is a path that the Government of India has extended to support the people financially. Let's see what is MSME, how it works, and what are the schemes that the government of India bestows. One by one we will discuss each of the schemes In-depth. What is MSME? MSME can be defined as the Ministry of micro, small and medium enterprises. The Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) sector have emerged as a highly vibrant and dynamic sector in the Indian economy in the last five decades.  The MSME area contributes to 45% of India’s Total Industrial Employment, 50%

How does money affect your mental health

Hey friends, welcome back on my new post. This is Bharti, with some interesting facts about money and mental health.  Do you know how money is directly proportional to your mental health..?? In this article we are going to understand about  what is the relation between money and mental health,  the affect of money on mental health, how can you take care of your mental health, how to make balance between money and mental health. This article is for each and every person because somewhere in this scenario, all of us are facing mental illness, reason may be Covid-19, presence of locust, financial loss and many more. Relationship between Money and Mental Health The study on this topic shows that the link between Money and Mental Health is bidirectional, this means that if your mental health is not good then you are not able to handle your financial status and same is in the case that if you are always in worry about how to make money then it will definitely makes you mentally ill.  This ca

Smart ways to Make Money ..:)

Hello Friends, The purpose of writing this blog is only one that may I can help you people in some way. I know just writing is not enough, because there is no shortage of writers, I started writing just because in my life, I had adopted many different paths to generate income but due to not knowing the correct direction and proper guidance, I have faced many problems and I don't want you to face the same problems. Every post of this blog has been written in such a way that numerous of people can connect with themselves . If you remember, my first post was  "How to earn money is a big problem..??" Definitely you had must r ead this post and understood where the problem exists.  Today I am going to tell you some ways in which you do not need to do anything special, just need to do something different. There is something special in all of us, we just have to recognize it.  Nowhere outside, we see in our house, how much talent is there in the ladies of our house.  We can eas

What if in reality, your time is being treated like MONEY

Hello guys,  This is Bharti with some new interesting topics in this blog. I know many of you were thinking what's interesting in this topic.. We all know that "Time is Money" ,  one of the famous phrase used by motivational speakers, even in our childhood we have listened this phrase millions of time. Like our parents usually used to scold us when we waste our time during exams..:( Our teachers, elders and many people advice us that use the time, value your time, if you will not value your time today, time will not going to value you tomorrow... Some thing very same is taught us in case of Money also, don't waste your money, value your money.. And as we grown up as adult we understood the importance of money. If we don't have money it will be very difficult to survive in this world. I am not saying without Money we can't live, but actually what I mean is, money is required to buy every thing which we need like food, clothes, home, and many more things. Who h

How to start Profitable Business in 3 steps..??

Hello every one, this is Bharti with my new post .... I was thinking what to write today, none of any topic was striking into my mind.. I have searched a lot but yet i am blank because my thought before searching was not clear, after wasting my whole day, Finally got the topic. So started writing and really it adds meaning to my blankness, and I am damn sure out of 100 persons , 85 are in the same condition as i am today. I wish that my this article will help those 85 persons. Actually, today's generation is suffering from  biggest problem that is lack of clarity , People do not know what to do..??  Where to go, what career to choose..??  What business to do..??   Which course to do..?? Where to focus..??  What to choose job or business..??  It is just because of lack of clarity..!! Every strength can become your profession, every hobby can become your business, but everything depends on you.. What you want to do in your life..?? For clarity in your life what you need is PASSION

It is the time to become Aatmnirbhar..!!

Earning money is not a topic to describe, it is the need to survive in the world and for this it is necessary to have financial and economical knowledge.. There are many platforms which provide the basic knowledge of finance and economics, but when the time comes to implement that knowledge many people fail but many of them get success also. This is the time where it is compulsory to know about the facts which decide you will face success or failure. First thing you must have to understand what is the demand of market, don't look far away just look around you. Analysis of market is must after the process of analysis try to explore the fields where you can invest. Research on each and every pros and cons of every field where you are thinking to invest. Investment with proper information is the key of success, recommendation from the experienced person will help you more instead of reading books or just surfing the internet.  Books and internet have lots of things so you will defini

Hallmark of the successful person....:) :)

Hello all my friends, I know many of you are waiting for the answers of the question asked by me in previous posts So, here after my own experience, and from the feedback of other persons I have mentioned some of reasons that why it happens that People are having degrees but no knowledge..?? Having brain, but no idea where to use it..?? I will throw light on each and every point and in both the languages, In English as well as in Hindi too. So that every reader can read it and understand it....!!! There are many parents who want their children to get a good degree and then do a good job somewhere, but many of the children do not have interest in their studies, they have different type of talent which they want to make their career. Lets understand this by an example, if a child is interested in singing and his parents want him to became an doctor then what happen, as he grow up and take admission

Our Need and Our Demand...:).....:(

In my previous post I have discussed about the problem that there are many people those who are educated but jobless, and facing problems in earning money, the reason behind that is not any particular one but there are several reasons on which every one have to think. The time we are facing now is very crucial, even no body knows how much time is left to stay alive.  On the one side we see that many people are struggling for there life due to the Pandemic caused by Covid-19, and on the other side several people are struggling for there life due to hunger and poverty. Total imbalance in everyone's life is arrived whether it is financially or emotionally. People are suffering through breakdown in their lives. Many peoples are yearning for there families, as they are far from them due to many reasons, some are far due to disease and some are far to provide them ease.  I mean to say several people are far from there families to earn money and provide them a life which will

Educated but helpless...!!!

Hello friends, Today we all feel that people are becoming so modern, lifestyle is changing day by day, but in the same world there are many peoples  having many questions in their mind. We all know that money is important to survive, everyone works hard to earn money. But not everyone has the same amount of money or the same lifestyle Many people are not having jobs in their hands because they are illiterate , so it became very hard for them to earn and to live a better life. But on the other hand, we see that there are many such peoples having degrees of higher qualification like graduates, post graduates even many of them are having the degree of Phd, but they are jobless . Can anyone guess what is the reason behind it..?? I have seen many peoples those who are qualified but not having job, and after waiting some of the years they started selling grocery items, vegetables, or started doing labour work etc.  we all know that nothing is small or big.. but why it is happening