MSME Schemes part 2

As in previous post we have  about,
What is MSME..?? and the schemes which comes under Prime Minister Enployment Generation Programme and Other Credit Support Schemes, and in detail we have analysed PMEGP, CGTMSE and ISEC. 
What are these schemes, who can apply for these schemes and how can you apply for this, we have already discussed. So today in this new post we will continue the detailed study of other schemes which comes under 

2. Development of Khadi, Village and Coir Industries

2.1 Market Promotion & Development Scheme (MPDA)

The Market Promotion and Development Assistance Scheme was introduced as a single scheme by combining numerous schemes implemented by the Khadi sector including advertisement, marketing, market promotion, and development aid for marketing. In addition, grant / subsidy for the construction of Khadi plazas will also be eligible. The ultimate purpose of the scheme is to ensure improved earnings for artisans.
Modified Market Development Assistance (MMDA) is permitted @ 30% on the Khadi (cotton, silk, woollen) and Polyvastra prime costs.

Who are elligible for this Scheme..??

Khadi institutions that have valid Khadi certificates and are only graded as A+, A, B and C are eligible for KVIC MMDA award.

How can we apply for this scheme..???

The total amount of MMDA on output will be reported from the KVIC by the producing institution and distributed to stakeholders viz., spinners and weavers, producing institutions and selling institutions in the ratio of 40%, 20% and 40 % respectively. Producing entities send quarterly MMDA statements based on the actual performance achieved in the previous quarter of the financial year. The disparity, if any, will be calculated on the basis of accounts audited by a Chartered Accountant during the last quarter of the financial year. The MMDA shall, ideally, be reimbursed electronically on a quarterly basis by the KVIC State / Divisional office.

2.2. Revamped Scheme of Fund for Regeneration of Traditional Industries (SFURTI)

The key goals of the scheme are:

Organizing traditional industries and craftsmen into clusters to be sustainable, competitive and promote their long-term sustainability;

Providing viable jobs for traditional artisans and rural entrepreneurs in the industry;

Improving the marketability of products from such clusters by supporting new products, design intervention and improved packaging, as well as improving the marketing infrastructure; 

Equipping traditional artisans of related clusters with improved skills and capabilities through training and exposure visits;

Strengthening cluster governance systems with the active involvement of stakeholders so that they are able to measure and respond to emerging challenges and opportunities in a coherent manner;

Innovative and traditional skills, improved technologies, advanced processes, market intelligence and new models of public-private partnerships should be developed in order to gradually replicate similar models of regenerated traditional industries based on clusters.

Helping hands in this Scheme..

Three kinds of interventions would be covered by the Scheme, namely:

'Soft Interventions', 'Hard Interventions' and 'Thematic Interventions'

Soft interventions: a ceiling of 25.00 lakhs overall (100 percent scheme funding)

Hard interventions: As needed by the project (75 percent scheme funding)

The expense of the Professional Agency is 8% of the Soft and Hard Interventions (100 percent scheme funding). 

The implementation cost of the Agency/Cluster Executive is set at a ceiling of 20.00 lakhs (100 percent scheme funding).

Who are elligible for this Scheme..??

Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Central and State Government Institutions and Semi-Government Institutions, State and Central Government Field Officers, Panchayati Raj Institutions (PRIs) and related agencies with relevant expertise for the creation of clusters.

How can we apply for this scheme..???

The above qualifying agency/organization shall send the proposal to the State Office, KVIC and, before submitting it to the Scheme Steering Committee for approval, the proposed proposal shall be scrutinized at the state and zonal level.

In our next post, we are going to discuss other schemes also,  but if anyone having innovative skills, marketing skills, and ready to do public-private partnerships then this scheme is for them.

We study hard to get the jobs, now let's study to provide the jobs...


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