What if in reality, your time is being treated like MONEY

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We all know that "Time is Money",  one of the famous phrase used by motivational speakers, even in our childhood we have listened this phrase millions of time. Like our parents usually used to scold us when we waste our time during exams..:(

Our teachers, elders and many people advice us that use the time, value your time, if you will not value your time today, time will not going to value you tomorrow... Some thing very same is taught us in case of Money also, don't waste your money, value your money.. And as we grown up as adult we understood the importance of money. If we don't have money it will be very difficult to survive in this world. I am not saying without Money we can't live, but actually what I mean is, money is required to buy every thing which we need like food, clothes, home, and many more things.

Who has said "Time is Money"..??

This beautiful phrase "Time is Money" is used by Benjamin Franklin, one of the Founding Fathers of United States. He had written a book in 1748, "Remember that Time is Money". He has given multiple quotes and phrases which people use in daily lives. He is the only man who signed all the three document and provided freedom for America from Britain. He is multi talented person because he invents the things as inventor, he is politician, scientist as well as business man. So we can learn from him that we always have to keep options in front of us. If we want progress in our life.

Time is equal for everyone, but Money is not..!!

Everyone in this world does not have same amount of Money but yes every one has provided same time duration. I am not considering age or years here, simply want to stat that everyone has 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week, 30-31 days in months and finally 365 days in a year. Now here many of you may have a question that,  How is this possible..?? Everyone does not have same time, some have good time and some have bad time. Some people are struggling and some are enjoying, yes definitely it is true. If it is said that "Time is Money", then it totally depends on every individual to utilize the time in a way that later it may be profitable for him/her. This means that Time Management is must to become successful person. If person knows how to manage time, then definitely he can understand how to achieve success in life. 

What Happens When You Accept Time as Money.??

Later we will discuss on Time and its Management, but firstly we have to focus on what will happen if you accept that your time is money then the way you spent your time will definitely change. You will automatically become Time Punctual for all things which you have to implement in your life.
Let us have a look on some facts what today humans are doing..!!
In the last several years, humans have used time to think on only one topic, that is nothing except money. Some people thought to earn money with complete honesty, but some people thought how could they make money by deceit. If we understand  the need of time then we are on the way of progress, because time keeps on changing.
The need of the hour is, to keep the least the desire, and maintain your health. Because, due to this Pandemic Covid-19, now if you are healthy and fit then only you are able to earn the money and other things.

Relation between Time and Money..!!

The whole economy runs according to the time, what is the demand of the time, the same will be the production and supply. For example, if we take into account the demand of the time, then today the demand is nutriment and employment. If we are thinking of starting business for employment, then we have to keep in mind what is the demand of the market, then only we are able to earn.

Now when everyone's lifestyle has changed, the demand has also changed. Today every person thinks how to earn money by  staying at home. So keeping this in mind, the process of digital marketing started.

There are many people who do graphic design, build websites, through Affiliate Marketing, people make their products, courses and services accessible to the people. There are lots of options, but what we want to select depends on us. 

No work starts or ends immediately, every task demands time, demands dedication, and demands innovation. like in my previous article I have discussed about passion and profession, so we have to find in our self what is the best art in us which we can serve to the society. When you select your passion, start your profession then there is the need of time management.

Time Management and its Key Element..

Time cannot be managed by itself, but we have to manage our self according to time, and to manage time the most important factors are:
Priority - First step is to choose your goal and then prioritize yourself, and for this you have to be sensible for your purpose.
Procedure of Proper Planning and Scheduling - Planning and plotting is must in the field of Time Management. Schedule yourself as per the desire of the selected Goal.
Selection for Disruption - while implementation of your planning observe what is the things which are disrupted or disorganized,  choose them and solve them.
Appraise Control of Time - Finally control your activities as per the desire of time.



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  2. Excellent Article :)... Correct Time = Money

  3. In this lock down so many people are wasting their time by doing nothing, this article would help them to understand the meaning of time and how precious it is. U have done a great jobπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. Nice aeticle to explain about importance of time & money.

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