How to start Profitable Business in 3 steps..??

Hello every one, this is Bharti with my new post.... I was thinking what to write today, none of any topic was striking into my mind.. I have searched a lot but yet i am blank because my thought before searching was not clear, after wasting my whole day, Finally got the topic. So started writing and really it adds meaning to my blankness, and I am damn sure out of 100 persons , 85 are in the same condition as i am today. I wish that my this article will help those 85 persons.

Actually, today's generation is suffering from  biggest problem that is lack of clarity,
People do not know what to do..?? 
Where to go, what career to choose..?? 
What business to do..??  
Which course to do..?? Where to focus..?? 
What to choose job or business..?? 
It is just because of lack of clarity..!!

Every strength can become your profession, every hobby can become your business, but everything depends on you.. What you want to do in your life..?? For clarity in your life what you need is PASSION, What is your passion.?? 

Do you know who does the formation of  History.??
Intelligent people never forms the History, they use to read History.
History is formed by crazy people. Those who go crazy create the History.
So, today I am not going to talk about Intelligence, but I will discuss about PASSION and Passionate People.

Let's come on our topic.. How to start profitable business.. 
Read little carefully, I am saying Profitable Business...
There are certain conditions to start a Profitable Business..!! And it is necessary to fulfill those conditions, otherwise you can start your business but it may or may not profitable business.

Think first of all, 
What is the work for which you will do that work if you do not  get  the money.
Too tired you are but still do that work.
Very sleepy, yet you will not mind to do that work. 
In every situation, you will do that work with great enthusiasm.

And what will happen if you start getting paid for that work. This means that the biggest success lies in your passion. So your initial step is to find your passion, but finding passion is not sufficient.. only passion can't make you successful, you have to give proper direction to your passion, An Appropriate shape of passion is must. Make your passion as problem solving purpose.

Ask yourself, can you passion solve any problem in society..?? Are you able to solve any of the problem of customer which he could not solve by himself. Finding the problem solver quality in your passion is your  second step.

Last but not the least step is to converting your passion into a Profitable Business by applying the correct business method. Because Hobby doesn't work all the time, it works only in childhood. So for long time duration you require to change your hobby into business. for this you have to focus on two most important things they are passion in your mind and problem in the society. Try to connect both of them, and once you connect them successfully and apply business method then no one can stop your success.

There are many real life examples, which shows how people got success after changing their passion into business, but before moving on examples we will discuss about Business Method.
Actually Business Method can be defined as the proper process to test something, validate the result, research on how to improve and make more profit by providing the best version of particular thing. how to increase the demand and supply.. overall study is known as Business Method.

In simple words, if your passion is playing Cricket, then how could you change your passion in to profession..?? Very easy, you can modify your passion and then you can become a coach to inspire the kids and youth to play this game. There are many people who like to play who love to play but they have no one who make them learn how to play, so you can become an problem solver for this problem. There are lot of examples in this world..

Like we all know Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor... He has the passion of cooking, he feel taste of success, he found that there are people have fond of eating tasty food but in search of restaurant people got tired, because restaurants are many but the problem is lack of taste.. finally he is the owner of yellow chilly restaurant which are placed in all over the country.

Another example Mr. Bill Gates, his passion was coding, programming and technology and solved the problem of market by creating windows..  We all know that plenty of population uses Microsoft.

One more example Mr. Kapil Sharma.. he has solved the several problem  of society like stress, depression, anxiety, hyper depression just by making the people smile by his thoughts.. 

So just 3 steps to follow and you will be a great businessman.. or businesswoman.





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