It is the time to become Aatmnirbhar..!!

Earning money is not a topic to describe, it is the need to survive in the world and for this it is necessary to have financial and economical knowledge.. There are many platforms which provide the basic knowledge of finance and economics, but when the time comes to implement that knowledge many people fail but many of them get success also.

This is the time where it is compulsory to know about the facts which decide you will face success or failure. First thing you must have to understand what is the demand of market, don't look far away just look around you. Analysis of market is must after the process of analysis try to explore the fields where you can invest. Research on each and every pros and cons of every field where you are thinking to invest. Investment with proper information is the key of success, recommendation from the experienced person will help you more instead of reading books or just surfing the internet.  Books and internet have lots of things so you will definitely get confuse whenever you decide to invest. So the best thing I personally recommend that valuate the points which you have researched and the points which are recommended by the experienced persons. Investigate with the focused mind, and have trust on your self, always be in contact with the persons those who motivate you.

We all know due to this pandemic disease corona our government has given all of us a big chance to built up the Aatmnirbhar Bharat, promote the things made in India. Our country is the land of virtuous people, from where many countries have gained so much knowledge and got success. Basically I want to say in very simple words that kindly start your own business or company and provide jobs to others. if there is lack of finance, the government is there to help you but the important thing is the perfect model of your business is to be represented. Decision making is very important and your complete management is based on the decision you take.

It is not necessary that you have have to do business management course or you have to get a degree then only you are able to do the business. Important is the commitment towards your work and will-power to learn about that work. There are many ways to start but from where to start and how to start totally depends on you. Instead of searching on internet how to start business try to search the need of the market, what is the demand, what skill you have to serve the market.

At this time all fields are facing decline, but each and every one have to trust on himself, be confident and prepare himself for upcoming improvement. In 2020, bad times are passing but trust me leading time will definitely be awesome. Demand of Digital marketing is increasing day by day but it doesn't mean that we will not focus on other fields. we all have seen that when government has issued the order of lockdown, no body was scared about how that will get the branded items, but all of are started collecting  the food items at the local level that is why our Prime Minister had mentioned that make local as global. Not only India but each and every country will now focus on this concept to enrich its economy. And India in its every part has fragrance of special things, let us spread this fragrance all over the world make our self as a brand.

Find the best product around you and with the help of a perfect team start promoting the things firstly in your nearby areas, and gain the trust of your customers. The main aim is the quality and honesty and remember that the product doesn't harm anyone, always work on legal items and there are many concept to build your own business, Nothing is hard now a times just have faith on yourself and be true. Don't harm mankind, be supportive and you can make money easily and also help others.

In my next post I will try to mention some key points on the demand of market and how to start,and what are essential point to keep in my mind while you start your own business. Keep in touch and comment your views, ask questions also i will try to satisfy you.


  1. Valuable information....keep sharing

  2. Well explained. We truly need to channelize our ideas according to present time.

  3. Very informative article. Keep it up

  4. wao
    great article
    feeling atmanirbhar already
    keep making

  5. What is Atmanirbar please? I am Kenyan I don't know what that meansπŸ˜…

  6. Well explained ,you are doing a great job. Keep writing πŸ‘


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