How to earn money is a big problem..??

This is the time where everyone is thinking of what will happen when the lockdown get over, how to restart the business, jobs and the work which is stopped since from two (2) months. Is it will be easy to stand up again..?? will it run smoothly or there will be more frictions..??
There are number of QUESTIONS coming in one's mind. But the answer is always one.. we have to try.
Many peoples are having jobs, they will rejoin their jobs.
Most of the people having business they will come with new ideas to manage their business properly.
Yes of course there are many people those who start grabbing some interesting things for there youtube channel or social media and many more things.
But some people those who don't have job, business or any kind of talent...
What about them...??

These are the people having degrees, but no knowledge.
Having brain but not the idea where to use.
They also have the skills inside them but they are not able to identify it.
They know if somebody help them, guide them they can help themselves and others too.
there are many people those who need the help from the people those who already achieved the success..

In my next article I will be back with some more interesting facts and the help for the one who really needs.


  1. Thank u so much keep motivating sharing

  2. Very nice initiative... Many more helping hand will come.
    We all know it's very tough time for everyone specially for those who don't have any income source.
    But keep patience everyone. If you have degree then u just find out on google YouTube what options are beneficial for you. Try to get knowledge from google YouTube instead of playing pubg or rummy etc. This time is for thinking about you only. U should care for ur health also.

  3. Very informative , like it , keep it up.

  4. This is good. As there have to be some guiding force for such people.


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