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Hello all my friends,

I know many of you are waiting for the answers of the question asked by me in previous posts


So, here after my own experience, and from the feedback of other persons I have mentioned some of reasons that why it happens that
People are having degrees but no knowledge..??
Having brain, but no idea where to use it..??
I will throw light on each and every point and in both the languages, In English as well as in Hindi too. So that every reader can read it and understand it....!!!

There are many parents who want their children to get a good degree and then do a good job somewhere, but many of the children do not have interest in their studies, they have different type of talent which they want to make their career. Lets understand this by an example, if a child is interested in singing and his parents want him to became an doctor then what happen, as he grow up and take admission in medical college, he forcefully start focusing on  his syllabus and forget about the talent which he had. As time passes, he tries hard and concentrates all his attention in his studies.. But somewhere there is singing in his mind... As a result we see that....
What  he wanted to do could not be done and what he was trying to was not happening...
and what happens then, he has the degree but not the knowledge..  because he is unable to accept his career as a Doctor..

बहुत सारे पेरेंट्स ऐसे होते हैं जो चाहते हैं की उनके बच्चे अच्छी  डिग्री प्राप्त करे और फिर कहीं अच्छी सी नौकरी करले, पर काफी बच्चे ऐसे होते  हैं जिनका मन पढाई में नहीं होता है पर उनमे कुछ अलग करने की चाह होती है, कुछ अलग ही हुनर होता है, इसे एक उदाहरण से समझते हैं
जैसे किसी बच्चे की रूचि संगीत गायन में है, और उसके माता पिता का मैं उसे डॉक्टर बनाने का है, तो वे बचपन से ही उसे यही समझते हैं के हम चाहते हैं क आप डॉक्टर बने और जैसे ही वह बच्चा बड़ा हो जाता है उसका एडमिशन मेडिकल कॉलेज में करवा दिया जाता है, वक़्त के साथ वो भी पढ़ने की पूरी कोशिश करता है अपने संगीत पर ध्यान देना छोड़ देता है पर वह पढाई में भी पूरी तरह अपना मन नहीं लगा  पाता है क्यूंकि उसका मन अभी भी कहीं न कहीं संगीत से जुड़ा  हुआ ह, आखिर में होता यही है,
 जो वो करना चाहता था वो क्र नहीं पता और जो करनी की कोशिश करता है वो हो नहीं पाता

Similarly there is another aspect,
Here the child wants to do a good job by taking a good degree, but parents do not have that much money to study it. Still they are forced to take a loan to fulfill child's desire. But getting a loan is not as easy as we are told, and hardly even if got loan then also there is much pressure to repay that loan that they can understand. The child studies with the same pressure and thinks that should I start earning while studying, and start looking for different ways to earn. And in this way he get distracted from the path of grasping the complete knowledge and then he is unable to develop more skills to get the better job.
Apart from this, there is another reason which is very important, and that is to provide higher education for less money. Only degree is given in the name of education not proper knowledge, and people take admission due to there compulsions but are unable to take the job, because there is no knowledge, no experience..if anything they have is just a degree.

इस समस्या का एक पहलु  और भी है,
यहाँ बच्चा अच्छी जॉब करना चाहता है, अच्छी  डिग्री हासिल करना चाहता है पर उसके माता पिता क पास इतना पैसा नहीं है, फिर भी बच्चे क लिए वो लोन लेकर पढ़ाने का प्रयास करते हैं, लोन लेना जितना आसान सुनने में लगता है उतना आसान होता नहीं है, बहुत प्रेशर होता है उसे लौटने का और बच्चा इसी प्रेशर के साथ पढता है और सोचता है क्यों न में अभी से कुछ कामना शुरू करदु और इसी कारन वो अपनी पढाई पर पूरी तरह ध्यान लगाने की बजाय पैसे कमाने के तरीको पर ध्यान लगाना शुरू क्र देता है, और फिर उसका ज्ञान अधूरा ही रह जाता है
इसके आलावा एक और विचार करने योग्य कारन है, उच्च शिक्षा प्रदान करने वाली संस्थाए जो अपने मुनाफे क लिए कम  से कम पैसो का लालच देके उनका एडमिशन करवा लेती है मगर बाद में पैसे भी वसूलती हैं और बच्चो को पूरा ज्ञान भी नही देती, बच्चे ये सोचते है के चलो कम से कम हमे यहाँ से डिग्री भी मिल जाएगी और  हम कुछ सीख  जायेंगे पर उन्हें पूरा ज्ञान दिया ही नहीं जाता है!!

It is not difficult to earn money in today's time, but in hurry to make money, people definitely lack knowledge. There are many ways to earn money but firstly take complete knowledge in particular field then implement your knowledge in that field. if it is time to learn something then focus, only on learning.The desire to earn more is good, but the desire to earn quickly always leads to the wrong path. Trusting yourself and giving yourself time is the hallmark of the successful person.

If we are learning something then we have to concentrate on only that thing and then implement our knowledge for further progress. Earning with learning is really more beneficial than  earning before learning. we have to built the proper balance between what we want to do and what we are doing..!! Problem are many and every one is facing in a different way but the solution is to take the decision with wisdom. If we are out of city just to study then instead of wasting that special time, utilize it in learning from the resources you have or start gathering the resources to develop your skills.

आज के समय में पैसा कमाना  कठिन नहीं है पर पैसे कमाने की जल्दी में ज्ञान अधूरा ही रह जाता है, जब वक़्त कुछ सीखने का होता है तो हम सीखने की चाह  न रखते हुए कमाने की चाह  रखते है या उड़ाने  की चाह  रखते है और जब वक़्त हाथ से निकल जाता  है और कमाने का वक़्त आजाता है तब हमारे पास उतना ज्ञान ही नहीं होता है क हम उसका उपयोग करके अच्छा  पैसा कमा सके, ज्यादा पैसा कमाना  गलत नहीं है पर जल्दी पैसा कमाना   हमेशा गलत रास्ते पर ही ले जाता है
इसलिए खुद को सीखने क लिए वक़्त दो और खुद पर पूरा भरोसा रखो यही सोच तुम्हे कामयाबी देगी और कुछ भी नहीं. 

Many people have lot of ideas in there mind, they have many skills but they don't know how to use it..? how to implement it. In this case, every individual person has to play a role of responsible person.If there is any quality in some one then test it and help him to move forward. This will help him to recognize the hidden skill in him and also we will able to promote the persons who really have the knowledge.

Because many people are like Knowledge is there but not business, and if there is business, there is no knowledge
"ज्ञान है पर व्यापार नहीं, और व्यापार है तो ज्ञान नहीं "
In my next post i will be back some more answers ...!! keep waiting and keep reading


  1. Wow super medam pls make a blog on financial knowledge nd how it may be aquire

  2. The way you explain every single word with such an ease is splendid

  3. Its amazing...you have considered the reasons for this problem very well

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