Educated but helpless...!!!

Hello friends,
Today we all feel that people are becoming so modern,
lifestyle is changing day by day,
but in the same world there are many peoples  having many questions in their mind.
We all know that money is important to survive, everyone works hard to earn money.
But not everyone has the same amount of money or the same lifestyle
Many people are not having jobs in their hands because they are illiterate, so it became very hard for them to earn and to live a better life. But on the other hand, we see that there are many such peoples having degrees of higher qualification like graduates, post graduates even many of them are having the degree of Phd, but they are jobless. Can anyone guess what is the reason behind it..??
I have seen many peoples those who are qualified but not having job, and after waiting some of the years they started selling grocery items, vegetables, or started doing labour work etc.
 we all know that nothing is small or big.. but why it is happening that after getting education, person is not getting job or not able to live the life in a better way.
Let all of us think about it, because it is not the small problem,
share your views in the comment section, that what can we do for each other and also for ourself
and kindly join the hands to make every one live a better life. a genuine group which can help people to grow at the level of humanity.
Heal the humanity.. 


  1. Bcoz no one want to startup their business everyone wants job but one thing we clearly know that when there is business then only we have job ..then we must inspire people to startup their business with innovative ideas it will generate employment

    1. thank u so much for your valuable reply, definitely i will try to focus on this also

  2. very helpful blog
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